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 30+ years in the Fitness Industry has allowed me to lead, instruct and INSPIRE some of the best clients in the world!  This passion drives me to meet my clients where they are but at the same time challenge my clients to another level. I live on the cutting edge of fitness and mindfulness. As an ACE certified personal trainer, a certified life coach, and now studying for my nutrition Certification. I have a unique approach in encouraging my clients into new spaces in a fun and uplifting way! We can do this! 

Michele Stutzman

My Expertise


My expertise in fitness reaches beyond the physical aspect. Whole fitness includes mind, body, self.  Clarifying your vision for your ideal healthy lifestyle is where a lot of us need help. If you don't know where you're going, it's pretty hard to get there! Do you have dreams for your life, but haven't given yourself permission to follow them? It would be an honor and a privilege to serve you and help you with your journey! 



Michele is one of the most motivated and upbeat people I have ever met. I started training with her a little over a year ago in an effort to lose weight, gain strength, and live a healthier lifestyle. I had just finished treatment for cancer and I didn’t have much confidence in how much I could achieve. Michele has been encouraging and supportive in all aspects of my well-being not just my workouts. Her motivation and enthusiasm has been a driving force in helping me persevere and continue to challenge my ability. She knows exactly how to motivate me, push me, entertain me, and distract me during my workouts. Michele customizes each workout and they constantly change so I am never bored and I continually learn something new. Before I started working out with Michele, I walked on a treadmill and used a few pieces of nautilus equipment at the gym.  I now enjoy our ever changing routines which include boxing, CrossFit, cardio, weight lifting, and interval training. Michele’s infectious positivity and belief in me helped me believe too! I am stronger in both body and mind with much thanks to Michele. 

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Where to go from here


Intrigued? Of course you are. If you've read  this far, then this is speaking to a part of you that knows it is time! Time to make your move towards total health. Not just another workout routine. Not just another personal trainer. This time allow your total self permission to take back your life in a way that makes sense because you deserve the whole package, and that's what your life deserves. Call me today to set up your FREE first time consultation & let's get you started toward the life you deserve!

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